Conducting in Bridgetown

We currently have 55 members divided into four bands, namely the Brass Ensemble, Concert Band, Stage Band and Wind Band.  The Brass Ensemble and Concert Band are our senior bands, and are made up of players who have attained a satisfactory level of proficiency.  The Wind Band consists of our junior players together with some senior players who need the experience of playing at a lower grade level to become principal players.  Clint Hendricks is currently the conductor of the Wind Band.  Tyrone Hitzeroth is in charge of all the bands.  He is assisted by the following sectional leaders: Flutes - Beatrice Moos, Clarinets - Zethu Salukazana, Saxophones - Rhiyaad Mohamed, Trumpets - Kim Whitebooi, Horns - Lynne Louis, Tombones - Ryan Jonas, Euphoniums and Tubas - Justin Barlow, with Jo-Lynn Telling as a general factotum.  There are a number of beginners who are not ready to play in the Wind Band yet.  Tyrone Hitzeroth is also responsible for all teaching.  Alexander Hitzeroth who is now based in Johannesburg as a member of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra, is also of great assistance whenever he is in Madiba Bay.

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