Our members have over the years served the Church on various non musical structures.  Isaac Hitzeroth, Henry Hitzeroth, William Daniels, Frederick Brown, James Brown, Basil Brown, Peter Jantjes, Fadiela Johnson, Shanaaz Johnson, Samatha Mostert and others have all served on the Church Council. 

Tyrone Hitzeroth represented BBSA at Provincial Synods of the Moravian Church in South Africa (MCSA), and also served as Legal Referee at Synod.

Jo-Lynn Telling represented BBSA at the 2008 Provincial Synod of the MCSA.

Tyrone Hitzeroth, Venus Rasoul, Ulrich Jansen and Jo-Lynn Telling have all represented BBSA at District Conferences of Algoa District 6 of the MCSA.  Tyrone Hitzeroth served on the Praesidium of the District Conference from 1998 to 2006, and was re-elected to this position in 2007.  Justin August is the current secretary of the District Council.  Jo-Lynn Telling, Justin August and Dorothea Moos also served on the secretariate of the District Conference.  In 2009 Tyrone Hitzeroth, Jo-Lynn Telling and Berenice Whitebooi formed the praesidium at the District Conference, whilst Justin August was the secretary of the District Council, Lynne Louis served on the secretariate and Samantha Mostert represented the congregation.  Edwin Whitebooi, another former member, represented Gelvandale Congregation at the same conference.

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