Proud South Africans
Alex and Ulrich at the United Nations
At First Moravian with Carol
On Broadway
Time Square by night

The day started as usual, with breakfast with the hosts.  This is an important time because it one of the few times we have to socialize with our hosts.

We again gathered at Fellowship Moravian Church, where the morning devotion was done by Jonathan, followed by a prayer by Christopher.  Then followed a hopelessly too short rehearsal.  This was caused by players wandering around after arrival at the church, instead of setting up for the rehearsal.  Time was however of the essence as we had an appointment with the South African Permanent Mission at the United Nations.  The subway and busses, together with a good dose of walking, were once again, our mode of transport.  In one day some of our players had more bus rides than they've ever had before.  Our visit to the Permanent Mission was very interesting and informative.  We were met by three diplomats who acquitted themselves very well in briefing us on their work at the UN and answering questions.  They also treated us to a light lunch, which was clearly designed to reinforce their explanation that we were technically on South African soil whilst were were in their offices.  We were accompanied by four members of the local planning committee, Olivia McCammon, Carol Armstrong, Rosalee Matthews and Hyacinth Grant.  It was clear to us that in welcome us, the diplomats were not simply making us feel welcome in a foreign country, but they also welcomed the opportunity to interact with us, ordinary South Africans.

From there we we taken on a guided tour of the United Nations itself.  This also proved to be interesting and informative.  This was followed by the inevitable buying of souvenirs.   Then followed a bit of shopping at Maceys, the biggest store in the world and Footlock.  This was followed by a long walked to First Moravian Church.  By this time everyone was complaining of aching feet, which made every walk a long walk for us lazy South African, but this all added to fun we were having.  For us Moravians from South Africa, just the location of First Moravian Church alone, was something really special.  It is situated on prime real estate in the heart of Manhatten.  Parking is obviously a problem, but there is no shortage of yellow cabs to take one to church.  Whilst we were standing on the balcony watching the cars go by, at least 200 yellow cabs must have driven past in space of about half an hour.  On entering the sanctuary, one was also filled with a special sense of being in a traditional Moravian Church with its white benches.  This is always a good and welcoming feeling when one is thousands of kilometres from home.  After a good dinner, prepared by ladies under the leadership of Daphne Burns, we were bewildered when we took a bus, and alighted at the very spot from which we started our walk to First Moravian.  A lot of comments were made, but all in good spirits.  After this it was all walking again, but there clearly was method in the madness of which we were complaining.  First we stopped at the Rockerfeller Center and then to Time Square via Broadway.  This was a facinating experience, with all the people just hanging out.  Thereafter we walked back to the subway, but stopped along the way for some of us to have their photos taken with Nicolas Cage and The Rock, whilst another had his portrait drawn by a sidewalk artist.  We eventually arrived at home after 12 midnight with aching feet.  This was a really exciting day, with the aching feet and blisters, just a lovely way to embellish a good story.      

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