Morning devotions
Central Moravian Church

As we have become accustomed to, we enjoyed a good breakfast with our hosts.  Today is a special day because were are celebrating Sylvia Louis' birthday here, and Laverne Louis is celebrating here 21st back home.  Unfortunately all attempts to reach Laverne by telephone failed.

We met at Advent Moravian Church, where the morning devotion was done by Alexander.  This was followed by a rehearsal.  We then went to Moravian Village which is a retirement centre.  This is set up in three phases.  Phase on is for healthy retired people who just need a smaller home.  Phase two is for the the elderly who need some assistance, and phase three is for the frail and infirm.  There we were treated to lunch in a lovely restaurant.

Thereafter we were taken on a guided tour of Historic Bethlehem where we saw early Moravian Church buildings and museums.  We were also filled in on the proud history of the Moravians in Bethlehem.  The Moravian Church is the second largest land owner in the City of Bethlehem.

After a short visit to the Moravian Book Shop where some purchaces were made, we returned to Advent Moravian Church for dinner.  This was followed by our concert.  We very pleased to have Ermute Frank, the widow of our dear friend Rev Dr Albert Frank, and her daughter, Ermute, at the concert.  Al Frank will always be remembered at the person primarily responsible for the link between the Moravian Brass Band Union of South Africa and the Moravion Music Foundation, in America.  It was indeed an honour for us to be able to play "Abide with me" as a special tribute to Al Frank and Bernard and Miriam Beitel, the parents of Nancy Beitel-Vessels, who donated the music to us in their memory.  The number of people who commended us for doing this, makes it even more special.

A surprize presentation was made when an official from the County of Northampton read a proclamation declaring 11 July 2009 as "South Africa Day" in the County of Northampton, Pennsylvania.  Proclamations were also handed to every individual member of the tour group.

The concert was followed by a reception where we were able to meet the local people who were all very impressed with the concert, especially with our singing.  We sang "Do you ask what most I prize" in Afrikaans and English, and "We are marching in the light of God" in Xhosa and English. 

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day 7: saturday 11 july 2009