Pastor Will with his family and guests
Christopher at Christian Springs
The game is on
Having fun

After breakfast we all went to different Moravian Churches, mainly with our hosts.  Our players played in little ensembles at 3 congregations, namely Advent Moravian, East Hills Moravian, Mountainview Moravian.  After church we met at Christian Springs Retreat Center , belonging to Central Moravian Church.  There the news of the passing of Gerald Barlow, the leader of the Ebenhaser Moravian Brass Band, and father of Justin, one of our players not on tour with us, was announced to the group.  This filled us all with sadness.  We wish to convey our sincere condolences to Zareena, Justin and Monique.  When the Bethlehem Trombone Choir goes onto the bellfrey at Central Moravian Church in two weeks time, for death announcements, Gerald will be include amongst those whose deaths announced.

Brunch, sponsored by Central Moravian Church, was served and this was followed by some fun in the pool.  A ball was provided and the boys managed to devise a very competitive game.  Once the competitive spirit was aroused, they set off to a big store where they bought some baseball kit, whilst others did the usual shopping for gifts.  We then moved on to Hellertown where we had pizza before setting up for the joint concert with the Bethlehem Municipal Band.  In the meantime the boys managed to find the time to squeeze in a baseball game.  The conducting duties for the concert were shared by Don Kemmerer and Tyrone Hitzeroth, with Marlon Louis conducting “African Gospel Medley”.  Not surprisingly, we were asked to sing “We are marching”.  Once again, this was a big hit with the audience, and showed how popular African music is around the world.  People in America are singing our songs just like they are doing in Europe.

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day 8: sunday 12 july 2009