On the bellfry
Don, the guide
The mechanism
A view from the top
Entrance to a water feature at Dorney Park
On the water
Going for a ride
Thumbs up
The case of the missing bag

This is our last day in Bethlehem, and we now have a sense of time flying.  After breakfast we met at the Old Chapel in Historic Bethlehem for a rehearsal.  Whilst we were rehearsing, the non playing members of the group were taken out for shopping, and boy did they shop.  The daily watch words were read by Adam. 

After the rehearsal Don Kemmerer took players up the bellfry at Central Moravian Church.  This is where the Bethlehem Trombone Choir go up to, to play for death announcements and special festivals.  We then had lunch before going to Dorney Park, a huge amusement park.  The players had a lot of fun on the rides, and everyone had a wonderful day.  Even the youngest member in the group made it clear from the inception, that she did not want to be around scared persons.  The only damper on the day was the fact one of our players lost his bag whilst enjoying a ride.  The local committee however did their best by offering him some compensation.  Then there was the sad case of of two players arranging for their hosts to fetch them early, and then failing to meet the hostess when she arrived at the appointed time. 

Thereafter it was back to our hosts for our first dinner with hosts since our arrival in the USA.  This was really wonderful, and it appears that some of our players managed to persuade their hosts to have South African braais on gas braais.  They even agreed to take charge of the braais themselves.  The last night in Bethlehem therefore turned out to be a very enjoyable one.

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