Guide at the organ in Lititz
The Amish at work
Concert in Lancaster
Woodwinds in Lancaster
Brass in Lancaster
The Stars and Stripes Forever
After breakfast we said some sad goodbyes, and went to Central Moravian from where we left in a 47 seater bus for Lancaster.  Before leaving we were requested to sing "We are marching" once more, before Pastor Will said a prayer to set us on our way.  We now said our final goodbyes to our new friends from Bethlehem who had come to see us off.  We were met in Lititz by Jan Stein, and were taken on a guided tour of the buildings of the Lititz Moravian Church.  We were then joined for lunch by Pastors Dean Jurgen and Mark Breland.

After lunch we went by bus, on a guided tour of some of the Amish farms in Lancaster.  Nancy met up with us in Lititz and accompanied us on this tour.  The Amish do not use electricty and motor vehicles and still use a very simple style of dress.  We visited the home of an old Amish couple, and were able to see some wonderful quilt work.  Once again, there was an opportunity to buy some goods.  Christopher even managed to buy a 1984 calender, the year of his birth, which was not really for sale. 

We then went to Lancaster Moravian Church where Nancy officially haned us over to Jan.  Some of the players, who had in the meantime managed to increase their stock of ballball equipment, managed to squeaze in a bit of baseball.  Pastor Dean Easton and his wife Janis then joined us for a lovely dinner, and thereafter it was time to prepare for our concert.  The Lititz Moravian Trombone Choir, which is effectively a brass choir, played a 20 minute prelude before the concert.  The concert was well received by a very enthusiastic audience, with the most applause again being reserved for our African pieces, particularly our singing.  The audience also showed appreciation for our playing of "The Stars and Stripes Forever" by standing when  we started to play it.  All our hosts were at the concert, and after the concert we went home with them.

For the purpose of this diary, the day normally ends at this point, which is the end of "official" activities, but this actually the point when the important business of bonding with hosts and starting new friendships gets going for many.  Make no mistake, a lot of activities are carried on after this point, no matter what the hour. 

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day 10: tuesday 14 july 2009