Boys with their hostess
Breakfast with Pastor Dean Easton
Travelling party with Jan Stein on the right
Planning the trip with the coach operator
Hymn singing on the bus
A bridge in West Virginia
A card game
See the flag?
Greetings to you all from Winston-Salem in North Carolina.  The day started with a wonderful breakfast with our hosts for one night.  Sadly it was literally just bed and breakfast.  There was not even time to conclude our conversation before we had to leave.  We boarded the coach to Winston-Salem at Lancaster Moravian, with Jan Stein's son, Eric, as the coach operator.  Pastor Dean Easton said a prayer to send us on our way.

We drove through states, West Virginia and Virginia to get to Winton-Salem.  We stopped for lunch at a truck stop in Virginia.  Most of us bought Chinese food.  We only had one other stop along the way, and reached our destination eight and a half hours after setting off from Lancaster.  The players past their time by singing hymns and choruses, sleeping and playing cards on the bus.  The ride was very comfortable with ample space for all of us.

We were met at Salem Square by Bart Collins, Ray Gatland, Pat Calhoun and some hosts, and were immediately take to our respective homes, where we enjoyed dinner and spent the evenings with our hosts.

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day 11: wednesday 15 july 2009