After breakfast we met at Salem Square where the guys had time to sharpen their baseball skills before before we were taken on a tour of Old Salem by Scott Carpenter.  This included the Visitors Centre, where we were given a demonstration of the larger of the two Tannenberg organs still at Salem, the Bretheren's House, where we were given a demonstration of the second Tannenberg, the bakery, the tailor, various homes and gardens, and several small shops where a fair amount of purchaces were made by proud Moravians.  We had lunch at Salem Tavern, which in earlier times was out of bounds for Moravians, but good enough for George Washington when he came to observe the water supply system in Salem.

At the end of this tour be were shown around the archives and given an impressive overview by Richard Starbuck, the assistant archivist.  From there it was back to our hosts, and a free evening which was spent in diverse ways. 

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day 12: thursday 16 july 2009