After breakfast we again met at Salem Square, before embarking on a tour of Bethania and Historical Bethabara, with Mike Lumley as our bus drive.  We were also accompanied by Brown Clodfelter and Steve Anthony, who provided all the assistance we needed.   We saw a similarity between the early settlement of Bethania, in North Carolina, and Clarkson in South Africa.  By now it felt to many that we were getting an overdose of early Moravian history, but it helped that the main presentation at Bathania was done by means of a DVD.  It also helped that the presenter at Bathabara, did not only seek to inform, but also to entertain.  Despite the feeling of receiving an overdose, judging from the reaction of our group, it is safe to say that the Church would be in a better space if a few such tours were made compulsory for all Moravians. 

Thereafter we had lunch in the food court of a huge mall in Winston-Salem, followed by a few hours of shopping, and did the young ones shop!  There were however those who now believe that shopping in Moravian shops is best, so on our return to Old Salem some found the need to pay the bookshop another visit.  We then sat down for a light picnic supper, before getting ready for our concert. 

Our concert took place at Winston Square which is an amphitheatre in downtown Winston-Salem.  This is a good setting for a band concert except that there is a water feature immediately behind the band stand.  The sound of running water is somewhat disturbing in some pieces.  The setting is quite big, so although there was a fare amount of people in the audience it seemed rather empty.  This was aggrevated by people seeking shelter from the hot sun towards the side with hardly any people sitting directly in front of the band.  Since this was the first out door concert played by the band it was difficult for band members to get the feeling of performing a concert under the circumstances.  Although the audience enjoyed the concert it was nevertheless a difficult concert for us to play.  Under the circumstances we decide to make one or two changes to the programme and bring in more African pieces to generate some fun.  This helped and as far as the audience was concerned it was a good concert.



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