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Jo-Lynn and Hayley with guest player, Allen Frank
Brass at Salem Square
Concert at Salem Square

This was probably the least packed day of our tour.  Our day started an hour later than usual.  After breakfast we met Drs Nola Reed-Knouse, the director of the Moravian Music Foundation and Daniel Crews, the chief archivist, who took us on a tour of God’s Acre.  We visited the graves of several prominent Moravian musicians and were given a brief overview of their lives.   We played appropriate chorales at the different graves.  At the end of the tour we played “Abide with me” as a tribute to Gerald Barlow, the leader of Ebanhaeser Moravian Brass Band, who was buried earlier the day (South African time).

We then went for lunch at Mayberry’s in Old Salem.  Thereafter we had considerable free time which was used in different ways.  Some decided to do some shopping.  Three ladies, attended a demonstration of candle making, where they were taught to make Moravian candles from bees wax.  Other just spent the time relaxing.  Thereafter it was time for the Moravian Music Fest, which was held at Salem Square.  This is not a formal event, but a gathering of Moravian bandsmen to play numerous chorales.  We played along for about an hour, before excusing ourselves to rest before our evening concert.  After the festival we were treated to a very good chicken barbeque for supper.  Then we had to wait two hours before our concert.  The good thing is that many of the bandsmen who participated at the festival also wait for the concert.  We considered starting the concert earlier, but as it had been extensively advertised for 7.30, we decided to stick to the scheduled time.  During this break one of our players who was coming down with influenza, received medical attention from a doctor who was the host of two of our players.  It turned out that all he needed to do, was to take in a lot of fluids.  This really helped, and in fact was something that almost all of us found the urge to do throughout our stay in the USA.

Our concert was held in a lovely park-like setting on Salem Square.  The concert was well attended by an appreciative audience.  The concert went well despite a bit of a breeze.  The last few items were played in fading light, but we managed to complete the programme before the light became a real issue.    We once again played a concert arrangement of “Abide with me” during the concert in memory of Bernard and Miriam Beitel, Albert Frank, whose son, Allen, was playing with us, and this time also in memory of Gerald Barlow.  This gesture was well received by many, particularly by Allen who had no idea that we were going to do it.  This was the final concert of our tour, and was definitely one which both the audience and the band enjoyed.  During the change over from our Brass Ensemble to our Concert Band, Brother Boling, the pastor of Ardmore Moravian Church approached us to find out if the band could play the Albert Engel arrangement of Majesty in their church the next day.  Unfortunately the band was once again split into different congregations, but those who were going to attend Ardmore agreed that they would be able to do it.  Br Boling was overjoyed and left pumping his fist.

After the concert it was back to our homes to pack our bags once more.  This is becoming a serious problem for some, for lack of packing space.

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