Belmont Abbey College
Servers at the love feast

We had a light breakfast before attending the church service at Ardmore Moravian Church, together with twelve other players.  The players, once again attended services at different churches.  The group at Ardmore were able to honour their commitment to the pastor and played “Majesty” at the commencement of the service, after also playing the prelude.  One could understand the pastor’s joy at securing the playing of “Majesty”, because it fitted in perfectly with the theme of the service.   

After church, it was back home for lunch before meeting at Salem Square for the last time to depart for Belmont.  In the meantime a problem had arisen with the availability of one of the horn players in the orchestra for Monday evening’s concert.  One of our players was then approach to stand in, and he had to leave ahead of the group to attend an orchestra rehearsal.  It was a relatively short journey to Belmont, but when we arrived at Belmont Abbey College, we walked into a problem with our registration.  A solution was however found with the assistance of Gwyneth Michel, Nancy Vessels, Don Kemmerer and Nola Knouse.  We are sincerely grateful for their intervention.  We are also grateful for the patience of our bus driver, Mike Lumley and Jimmie Snyder.  Four of us were housed away from the rest of the group and needed to be transported to the apartment.  On arriving there we found that the keys did not fit.  We were then advised that the keys were for a dormitory in the same building with the rest of the group.  We then drove back to the original building test the keys, only to find that whilst the keys fitted, the dormitory had been allocated to other festival goers.   At this point we suggested that the bus could return to Winston-Salem, and we would resolve our problem later.  Our new found friends would have none of that and insisted that they would not leave until they were satisfied that we were properly settled, no matter how long it took.  On returning to reception, we found that we had inadvertently been given the wrong keys, and the problem was thus resolved. 

We had dinner and then had the pleasure of attending our first lovefeast in the USA.  This was a wonderful experience for us, and served as the opening of the festival.  After the lovefeast, it was social time which was spent in different ways, including playing pool in the lounge area.

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day 15: sunday 19 july 2009