Festival Band rehearsal with Jeff Whitsett as conductor
Ray, Natalia and Lynne in rehearsal
Lunch time

We are now into the final week and business end of our tour.  Although we are quite exhausted, we now have to get up earlier than at any other stage of the tour.  We have to walk to the dining hall, and breakfast is at 7am followed by the morning devotion at 8am.  The food is good with a large choice for everyone. 

A typical day consists of breakfast, devotions, a seminar, a 2 hour rehearsal, lunch, a mini concert, a 2nd rehearsal, workshops, supper, an evening concert followed by social time.  Alexander and Jonathan also play in the trombone choir, so that gives them four rehearsals per day.  A prelude is played by bandsmen before every evening concert.  Today's band rehearsals were mainly devoted to playing through several pieces.  The evening concert was by Moramus Chorale, a choir established in 1976 with the specific purpose of presenting music from the collections of the Moravian Music Foundation.  The choir was accompanied by the Festival Orchestra, made up mainly by Moravian players.  Another vacancy, on trumpet, arose in the orchestra during the course of the day.  Another member of our band was then called upon to fill the vacancy.  In the end we were able to enjoy a good concert of Moravian choral music with Marlon and Antonio playing in the orchestra. 

In the meantime the non playing members of group accidently met a South African woman, living in the USA, outside the band rehearsal room.  She then invited them to go to one of the band's favourite stores with her.  Since her business there was of short duration, she offered that they could take their time and she would fetch them later.  This offer they gladly accepted, and their day was made.

After the concert it was social time, and good use was put to this time.

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day 16: monday 20 july 2009