Festival Band concert
Would be timpanist
Today is the day of the Festival Band concert, so we had to try to complete the concert programme during rehearsals.  This was no easy task, as the second rehearsal was made earlier and shorter.  This was in the place of the mini concert.  This change, which was scheduled, created the first free afternoon, and as you guessed, some more shopping was done.  We have to thank Allen Frank for lending us his motor vehicle for this purpose.  This was also an opportunity to do some hairdressing before the concert.

The concert was a wonderful success, with many of our players featuring on solo parts.  Whilst sacred music, with a Moravian flavour, was the cornerstone of the concert, the programme was nevertheless a varied one.  Our band formed the core of the festival band, and according to the director, Jeff Whitset, this assisted him in molding the band.  He certainly did a wonderful job in a very calm and encouraging way.  For our part, we enjoyed the opportunity to play with our American brothers and sisters, and so help to strengthen the bond between Moravian musicians internationally.


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day 19 : thursday 23 july 2009