Prelude to Fistival Chorus and Orchestra concert

This is the day of the Festival Chorus and Orchestra concert.  Apart from our two players in the festaval orchestra, and our two players in the trombone choir,  we did not have any rehearsals for the day.  The concert was held in a nearby town, Davidson, and most people left for Davidson after an early lunch.  The chorus and orchestra had a rehearsal there, and the others were able to wander around Davidson.  No reports of shopping were received. 

Two of us were however involved in making cd labels and sleeves with Ron Raymond.  This took up all day until our departure for Davidson on the late bus, and again for an hour or two after our return from Davidson at about 10 pm.  At this point Allen Frank was able to make original sleeves for us.

The concert was held in the Davidson Presbyterian Church.  On entering this church we could not help thinking of our dear friends from Ghana, the Aboagye family, who we knew were with us in spirit.  Kobby was in fact in constant touch with our players on Facebook, and even commented on how Natasha had grown in the space of two years, since they had left Port Elizabeth.

We played the prelude before the concert.  Because of the demand for a concert by us, we had asked to start playing at 7:20 instead of 7:30 pm, to give us 30 minutes playing time.  At supper it was announced that we would be playing a concert from 7 pm, giving us 50 minutes playing time.  This was going to be our last performance as a group ever, and we just relaxed and had fun.  Many of you reading this may be shocked at the suggestion that this could be our last performance as a group, but I cannot imagine that we will ever play a concert again without tenor trombones, or with a woodwind section the size of our full clarinet section, certainly not with just the players we have on this tour.  Be that as it may, we enjoyed the performance, and so did our audience of festival goers.  We also enjoyed having Allen Frank playing with.  He thanked us for the opportunity to play with us, but the thanks for the opportunity we shared is really due to his late father, Albert, who was instrumental in forging the co-operation between the Moravian musicians from South Africa and America.

The concert itself was a triumph for Moravian music, a huge credit to Nola Knouse and the Moravian Music Foundation for preserving and restoring (editing) Moravian Music, and a wonderful success for John Sinclair and his chorus and orchestra.  We could only marvel at the quality of Moravian music and the high standard of performance.  Our two players in the orchestra were also happy to have been afforded the opportunity to play in an orchestra with such high quality musicians.  A further two of our players, Lincoln and Alex, also had the opportunity to play with three other brass players in joining the organ in playing the prelude to the final hymn of the concert, "Sing halleluja", which seems to be the "anthem" of the American Moravians.


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