The flight from JFK was uneventful, and provided plenty of time to sleep for an extremely exhausted group.  With plenty of time before the connecting flght to Port Elizabeth, the group was able to pass through customs without any rush.  Sadly, it was discovered on arrival at Port Elizabeth that that a bag, which had been booked in at O R Tambo International, was missing.  Fortunately this bag was recovered the next morning with everything intact.  Apart from the three persons still in the USA, everyone has thus arrived home safely with, as far as is known, no items of luggage missing.  Thus ended a wonderful three weeks on tour, and all that remained was for the group now to take leave of each other and return to their separate homes.  This was no easy task, considering how people had bonded and become part of each other's lives whilst on tour.

For my part, I'd like to thank everyone who read this diary and followed our tour.  I know it must contain many errors and needs to be edited, as it will be.  Additional facts or stories might also be added.  I don't like making excuses, but please bear with me for the shortcomings, as most of this diary was written by a very tired man either very late at night, or very early in the morning.  As you would have noticed, there came a time when there was just no time, or strength to add photos any more.  Plenty of photos will however be added to all days from day one, in due course.  So, if you found any of this interesting, please continue to check for what's new, as I will be working on this for a while still.

Finally a word of thanks to all the American organisers, and there were many, and all our hosts for making this historic visit such a wonderful success.  This tour was historic for two reasons.  From a South African point of view, we are the first Moravian band to tour the USA.  From a Moravian American point of view, this is the first tour of this nature organised by them.  In New York there is a school of thought that suggests that God used us to perform a miracle in getting Moravians to pack a church for a Moravian function on a weekday night. Long may God use us for His purposes.

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day 23: monday 27 july 2009