Nico Lottering at the Port Elizabeth Airport
Boarding at Port Elizabeth
Alex and Marvin at Johannesburg International
Haley Uithaler and the lady of the case on the way to JFK

The day started with players arriving at the Port Elizabeth Airport from 10h30.  The check-in went smoothly with many family and friends coming to see us off.  There was much excitement at the airport on the start of this historic tour.  Some of our players coming to say goodbye, vowed never to stay behind again.  At 12h05 Nico Lottering sent us on our way with a prayer.  We then took leave of our many well-wishers, and set off to Johannesburg with 21 members of our group.  The flight to Johannesburg was uneventful, with just one or two players nervous about flying for the first time.  We had a few hours waiting time at Johannesburg International Airport where we were joined by three other members of the group, Alex Hitzeroth, Christopher Hitzeroth and Annelie Schmitt.  For logistical reasons this was the first time that the entire group had been able to get together, as a whole.  Once again we had some family and friends coming to the airport to see us off.  These included some of our members, Nadine Kamineth, Marvin Lawack and Dorothea Moos who now work in Johannesburg and Pretoria.  The flight to JF Kennedy International Airport via Dakar was a vey long one, but the players remained in good spirits throughout the trip.

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day 1: sunday 5 july 2009