First group photo at JFK
Gathering at the bus
Nancy, Donald and Olivia at JFK
The church at which we were welcomed
Our first rehearsal at John Hus Moravian

If our flight to New York was once again uneventful, the same cannot be said about our arrival.  On our arrival in New York, Marilyn Hitzeroth found that her luggage was missing.  After some time we found that a case identical to hers had been left behind unclaimed.  This led us to the conclusion that the owner of that case must have taken Marilyn's case inadvertantly.  We brought this to the attention of an SAA attendant at the airport.  Fortunately there was a contact number on the luggage tag of the unclaimed case, and the attendant was able to phone the number which belonged to a friend of the owner of the unclaimed case.  We filed a missing baggage claim, but before we left the airport we were informed that the owner of the unclaimed case had returned with Marilyn's case.  It then turned out that the lady was know to us a the lady who set next one of our players on the airbus.  Our first bit of drama therefore had a happy ending, and this set the tone for the rest of the day.  We were met at the airport by old acquaintences of some of us, Lynette Mcrae, Olivia McCammon and Carol Armstrong of New York and some old friends from Bethlehem, PA, Donald Kemmerer, Ronald Raymond and Nancy Beitel-Vessels.  We particularly appreciated the efforts of the latter three who had to leave Bethlehem at 4h30 to ensure that they would not be late for our arrival.  From the airport we went to the John Hus Moravian Church in Brooklyn, where we were formally welcomed and enjoed a lovely lunch.  After lunch we had a rehearsal before our hosts came to fetch us.  Some of us visited with Olivia who is hosting 8 of our players, and had dinner there.  We are already feeling at home in the type of relaxed atmosphere we are accustomed to in South Africa.

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day 2: monday 6 july 2009