Breakfast time
On the way to Fellowship Moravian by subway
The Bull in the financial district of Manhatten
John Hus Soul Survivers

The day started with breakfast with our hosts.   We then met at Fellowship Moravian Church in Brooklyn, where players exchanged stories about their activities the night before.  This varied from someone going to sleep at 15h30 and waking up the next morning, to people going for walks and visiting shops.  There were also a few who were taken to a pier from where they watched in amazement as a seemingly unending number of planes landed at JFK.  Then there was yours truly who sat at the computer until 23h00, getting the news on the website.  Once everyone had arrived, Patrick Louis read the Daily Watchword.

Thereafter Carol Armstrong and Rosalee Matthews took over as our tour guides and we visited the Native American Museum, which is devoted to the role of the Indians.  We then enjoyed a light lunch at Subways in the financial district of Manhatten, which everyone found facinating.  It was not the lunch itself that was facinating, but the process in purchasing the lunch.  The eatery specialised in "footlongs".  Firstly there was a long que, but before one reached the counter someone shouted at you enquiring what type of bread, from a choice of five, you wanted.  By the time you got to the counter your roll was ready, and passed on to the next person from whom you ordered your choice of filling.  From there it was passed on to the next person in a row of about six, from whom you could order something else to be included on your roll.  Everyone enjoyed the experience.  From there we walk through Manhatten to Ground Zero, where the World Trade Centre Twin Towers had been situated.  One could see a huge building project in progress through one gate, but the whole site is enclosed so one copuld not really see much.  It is clear however that a visit to Ground Zero is not about seing what is happening there, but involuntarily revisiting the horror of 9/11.  For this outing we used the subways as our mode of travel.  This was another first experience for many of our group.

We thereafter returned to Fellowship Moravian Church for a quick rehearsal before dinner.  Thereafter we had to prepare hurriedly, for our first concert in the USA.  Some local guest artists appeared on the programme, namely John Hus Soul Survivors, a young choir from John Hus Moravian Church, Grace Moravian Steel Ensemble, Emmanual Baptist Praise Dancers, and Andrani Foster, a young soloist from Fellowship Moravian Church.  It was a real joy for us to listen to and watch our quest performers, and an even greater joy for us to perform in a packed church.  The atmosphere was wonderful, and we received many compliments after the concert.  Another first for us was the fact that three pastors, Rev Wellesley Ferguson, of Fellowship Moravian Church, Rev Dr Michael Johnson, of John Hus Moravian Church, and Rev Nigel Powell, of United Moravian Church had a role to play in the concert programme.  After the concert we had the opportunity to meet some of the guest artists and some members of the audience.  Two particularly excited ladies were from the Salem Moravian Church in Jamaica.  For us this was a truly wonderful Moravian experience, and one felt part of a community of brethren which knows no international boundries.  The role of women in the Moravian Church was also highlighted because it was mainly through the efforts of women that our visit to New York became a reality. 

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